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The Fortune’s In The Follow Up!

Follow Up

Alot of people ask me what I say when I call or re-call a lead.  Here’s a list of 20+ messages that you can use for live dials, texts, facebook or messenger, email, postcards, you name it!

Some of these have headlines that are repeated in the text.
Customize them with your information and have some fun!   Be sure to post your favorites on our Endless Prospect page – and take the 7 day Challenge!

message from your couch

Here go you!

Hi Katherine,

I understand you are interested in learning more about starting your own home-based business and the Avon Opportunity, but unfortunately our team has not been able to reach you.  I wanted to provide you more detailed information about starting your own Avon business.


Avon can help YOU achieve YOUR dreams and goals.

If you are ready to start earning money, give me a call/text or email me your current address. I’ll get some some brochures out to you so you can get started by sharing Avon brochures with co-workers, friends and family. With Avon you can earn up to 50% of all the orders you take.


We are drastically underserved by Avon Representatives in your area and need to add new team members to service customers ASAP.


By the way, do you know anyone who might also be interested in earning extra money?
If so please ask them to call me and mention your name. You will be eligible for a Free Gift. If you and they join together, you’ll also be eligible to receive either a $124 product bundle or a $35 bonus for referring them to Avon when they become a qualified Representative. You can get started today at Use reference code: smazza. It’s just $15 to open your account and you’ll get free brochures for the first month!


If now is not the right time to start your Avon business, but you are interested in buying our products, please let me know.


If now is not the right time to start your Avon business, but you are interested in buying our products, please let me know if you’d like a brochure, or you can shop online at


Thank you and have a nice day!








  1. Avon –  Maybe Now’s a Better Time…


Awhile back you asked for information on becoming an Avon Representative.
I’m sorry we haven’t been able to connect .  Maybe now’s a better time for you!

Maybe you want to earn extra money for the holidays, or to pay off bills.
Maybe you’d like to get a discount on your favorite Avon Products.

Whatever the reason, now is a perfect time to join Avon.  The holidays are approaching fast
and Customers are looking to shop YOUR AVON STORE!

Almost everyone could use the extra $300-$500 a month that they can earn with Avon Part Time.

How about you?

Everything you need to get started, your Startup Kit, along with your FREE WEBSITE is only$25.

Give me a call or text me, name, at phone and we’ll set a time to meet or talk.  You can also get started today online at  Use Reference code:  your code

SPECIAL OFFER – Get Started in September (or whatever month) and Get a FREE GIFT when you Join Avon!gift

Here’s to a great Holiday Season with Avon!

PS – If you’ve changed your mind, just let us know so we can scratch you off our team list.



  1. Avon can help you to eliminate your debt

Everybody knows times are tough.  And everybody knows that many people have to work 2, 3 or more jobs just to make ends meet!  Why not start your own Avon business instead of getting another job?  Avon fits into all the “nooks and crannies” of your life – you control when and where you work and how much money you want to earn.  Pay down and pay off credit cards.  Pay off the car.  Have some money to spend!  It’s up to you how you want to use your earnings!   Avon Reps earn 20-50% of all the orders they take.  The more orders you get, the more money you make!

Get started making money TODAY!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



  1.  Avon – Spend More Time With You Family

Get up.  Go to work.  Come home.  Eat.  Have an hour of family time. Watch a little TV.  Go to Bed.
Then, do it all over again.  And again.   And AGAIN!

Wouldn’t   you like to call your own shots?   Be home with your family?  Would you like to enjoy Mondays as much as you do Saturdays?  Every day can be a family day with Avon!   You decide how much  you want to work – and work around your busy family schedule.  Yes, you CAN have it all – With Avon!

Why not You?  Why not Today?  Get started Today!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



  1. Avon – Take a Long Vacation Whenever You Want To

Take a long vacation – 7 day weekends!  Now, that’s a grand life!    I recently took a 10 day European Cruise Vacation with my husband.  It was Awesome!  It was awesome too that my Avon business kept making money for me while I was touring Italy.  People shopped right from my website and my earnings were direct deposited right into my checking account while I was gone!  Bermuda, Bahama – Come on pretty Mama!  You know how the song goes – now make it your life – with Avon – You too can have 7 day weekends!   Start planning your vacation – you can make it happen with Avon!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



  1.  Avon –  Pay for college educationgraduation-cap-on-top-of-pile-of-money_573x300

Fees and tuition are just a part of college costs. The full cost of a college education includes other things like textbooks and school supplies, room and board, and other living expenses.   Costs are going UP… UP… UP!!! But you can Be Smart about it and start your Avon business to help cover the high costs of college.  Start a college fund today that you can fund with your Avon earnings!   Avon reps earn 20-50% of all the orders they take from family, friends, co-workers, even Facebook Friends!

Plus, Avon offers Scholarships to qualifying Representatives and their Children!

Get Smart.  Get Started Today!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info


  1. Avon – The Holidays Are Coming Soon

Would you like to pay cash for Christmas (Easter Dinner, Halloween Treats, Mother’s Day Brunch.. whatever holiday) for a change and NOT have bills hanging over your head in the New Year?  You can do it with Avon!   You’ll make about $40 for every $250 of Avon Products that you sell.   Your friends, family and co-workers are probably buying Avon already.  Why not have them buy from you so YOU can make the money?


Give yourself a gift for a change – the gift of extra money – With Avon!   Join now and you’ll get a free gift from me too!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



  1.  Avon – Will You Ever Be Ready to Retire

Do you have a great retirement account?  Have you earned and saved all the money you want or need?

According to research from Market Research Firm, Mintel, “ Most Americans, particularly women, are woefully underprepared for retirement, with four out of 10 women having less than $25,000 saved, and only 21 percent having more than $250,000 in all of their investment accounts.”

Why not start your own Avon business.  You can sock away $40 of every $250 Avon Products order you take – right into your retirement account or savings account!    Save for a rainy day – or a sunny one!  It feels great to know you’ve got money put away for something special.

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info


protect family and home


  1.  Avon –  Pay Off your Mortgage Faster

Our home is often our biggest expense.  An expense that never seems to go away.

Did you know that you can  cut 4 years or more off your mortgage and pocket an extra $44,992  just by paying an extra $250/month*?

You can do that easily with Avon, with as few as 5 -7 customers!**   And the more customers you add, the more money you will make to pay down that mortgage faster!

*(Assuming a 30 year $200,000 mortgage at 7.5A%  – By increasing your mortgage payment just $250 per month you not only shorten your mortgage, but it will also save you $44,992 in interest.)

Own your home and tell the bank goodbye!  Get started today!

** based on Average Avon Customer Order of $25


Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



  1.   Avon – We Love Discounts!  Get up to 50% off your Avon Favorites!

Would you like to get a 20-50% discount on all your Avon favorites?

WHY PAY RETAIL?    Smart people know that you’ll get up to half off all Avon products – even when they are on sale or clearance!   You can stock up on your favorites, keep a few gifts on hand for special occasions and even get your products for free when you  use the profit you make from orders from co-workers, family and friends!

Some people pay $40 every year or more for Sam’s Club or Costco.  With Avon, it’s a one-time $25 start-up  – you never pay again as long as you remain an active representative.    Why not get started saving TODAY?

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



  1.  Avon – Be a stay-at-home parent

Would you like to stop getting your children up before they (And You) are done sleeping?   Would you like to stop shipping them off to daycare?   Would you like to be able to stay home and play with your children all day long while still bringing home a significant income part-time?

You can eat bacon with your kids while you bring home the bacon with Avon!

You love your kids.  Now, spend more time with them.  Start making money with Avon today!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info


  1.  Avon – Make an extra paycheck on your lunch hour!lunch hour

How about a raise along with that ham sandwich?

Make an extra $40 for every $250 in orders you take for Avon Products from your co-workers!  Or, the office down the hall!   You can take the orders on your lunch hour – it doesn’t interfere with your job, and then deliver at lunch or before/after work.  Avon is fun, easy and you make Great Money!   Keep working full-time on your job.  And now, start working part-time on your fortune!

On your lunch hour today, take 5 minutes and get started!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info


  1.  Avon –  Help your spouse quit his/her job

Some people love to go to work… well, not really very many!    Bring your spouse home.   Get rid of all the expenses associated with commuting to work, dressing up and eating meals out because of work.

Enjoy the best years of your life – TOGETHER as you grow a successful Avon business!  We can show you how!

Join individually or as a team!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



  1.  Buy  the car of your dreams

It’s easy to make an extra $200-$500 a month with Avon with just 10-25 customers ordering from you*.  That can get you a great car to cruise around in!  Or, maybe you’d like to get some new tires for the car you have.  You can use your Avon earnings for anything you want!   And, you can earn as much as you want!  Your income is limited only by your ambition.  Our Award Winning Team can show you how you  can cruise your way to SUCCESS!

So, get that cellphone or laptop out and get started today – you can be making more money tomorrow!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info

* based on Average Avon Customer Order of $25


  1. Avon – Build Your Nest Egg – Save for a rainy day – or a sunny one

Do you have more days left at the end of the month than money to pay your bills?  And no way to save for vacation, a special trip or unforeseen expense?   Let us help!   We can show you how you can make money and then put some money away each week without having to crack open your piggy bank!    Our Avon Success Team knows how to help you make money so you can save some, spend some and invest some right back into your business so it continues to grow!  We’d love to show you how!

We can meet for coffee, talk by phone, or you can join online in under 5 minutes!
It’s only $25  to open your own account– why not get started today!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info


  1. Avon – Be Your Own Boss

You’d love your boss if it was you!   Why work to make your boss rich when you can start your own Avon business and increase your income!  You’ll have:

  • Flexible Hours – work when and where you want
  • No more punching the time clock
  • Work part-time or full-time – with earnings to match
  • It’s only $25 – why not get started today!


  • Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



  1. Avon –  For the Price of Lunch, you can start your Avon Business


Join Today, Make Money Tomorrow!


  • It’s just $25 to get started with Avon –
  • Inexpensive Brochures – each brochure is like a mini-mall for your customers!
  • Your Own Free Website – Have your Avon store open 24/7 – promote online, on Facebook, anywhere!
  • Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info


  1.  Avon –  Start an Online Business
  • You can sell to anyone within the US – there are no territories or restrictions
  • Take orders from anyone including out of town family and friends and Avon will ship right to them
  • Your personal website helps you make money while you sleep, while you’re on vacation, anytime!

Ready to get your own Free Personal Website?

Join today at  Reference code:

Your name, phone, email and shop avon info


  1. Avon – Join for the Cruises, Cars, Prizes and Fun!

Avon is more than just a pretty face.  You’ll make great money with your Avon business – the sky’s the limit!   You’ll also have the opportunity to enter into incentives and contests, all designed to help you grow you business!   Cruises to the Bahamas, Free trips to Italy, France, Cancun, Hawaii and more, Giveaways with TVs, Cars, Money and other great Prizes – these can be yours too when you grow a great Avon business!
Come on – what are you waiting for – Join the FUN!     We’ll show you step by step how to build a successful business and make money along with making new friends!

With Avon, you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself!   There’s loads of great training available, online, locally, one on one, as well as conference calls and webinars!   Join us today and start making money tomorrow!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info

  1.  Avon – Time is running outHi NAME,

They say time waits for no man, and no woman either!   Are you ready to get started making money, getting great discounts – up to 50% off your favorite Avon Products, and growing a business that will benefit you, your family and your friends?   Well, the time is right.  Customers are waiting for service in your area – let us show you how to find them!

You’ll start for just $25 – heck, you can’t even get your nails done for that!  And, with Avon, you’ll have great looking nails – and everything else, all the time!   Plus, you’ll make great money too.  It’s easy to earn an extra $200 – $500/month part time, more full time!   But you can’t make money if you never get started!

Call us with your questions or to set up an appointment.   Too busy to meet?   Get started online in less than 5 minutes from the comfort of your own laptop, cellphone or computer!

All you need is $25 and a dream!    We’ll provide the rest!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info



Avon – It’s Right For You!


Avon is the right opportunity for you.  When you sell Avon, you sell more than Beauty!    When we look good, we feel good.  Avon’s Beauty Products help people to look and live their best lives!   You’ll also feel great as you make money and can afford to take the vacation you deserve, support important causes and save for retirement.

Get started today!

All you need is $25 and a dream!    We’ll provide the rest!

Your name, phone, email, startavon and shop avon info

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