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Success News You Can Use – May 16, 2012

 Success News You Can Use!

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In This Issue:

1.  What’s the Secret To Success?
2.  Sponsoring Tips to Grow Your Team.
3.   It’s all about the Money.
4.  Lessons from Yoda.
5.   Upcoming Live Seminar and Training Events.
There is no ONE Secret to Success.

I can share a few timeless principles with you though.

1.   Get a large group of people to do a few simple things over a consistent period of time.

What do we want them to do?     The Five Key Revenue Producing Activities – Prospect, Present, Follow Up, Train the New Folks to duplicate, and Develop Leaders.   We’ll cover these in depth in an upcoming newsletter.

2.  Every Day, do something, no matter how small to move your business one step further.
      Every.  Day.

3.  Get Comfortable with 2 – 3 methods of Prospecting.

You don’t have to love Prospecting.  Just get comfortable enough that you can consistently expose new people to your products and services.

4.   “Never Give Up, Never Surrender”!

One of my favorite taglines from the movie “Galaxy Quest”
Here’s a true saying –  ‘The only people who can fail in our business are the ones who quit.’
Tomorrow’s another day.   If you didn’t accomplish your goal, or you find yourself at a setback in your business, you can begin again.  WITHOUT having to start over.

5.  Plan, Do, Review and Adjust.

There’s no room for “Ready, Fire, Aim!” in our business.  Follow the Fab Four above and you will be on the path to success.   Just as an airline pilot constantly adjusts his course to land safely at his destination, we too need to adjust our business strategies so that we become more effective and stronger leaders.

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan


Sponsoring New People Is Easy!

In fact, all we need to do is find out what the prospect needs.
Do they need to make more money?   Get a discount on products they love?  Perhaps they just want to hang out with some positive people.  Finding new prospects isn’t hard.  We just need to develop and practice a few questions to find out what our new friend might need.   And then, ask them again and again as we meet new potential customers and team members.

One of the biggest sponsoring mistakes that inexperienced prospectors make is giving too much information too soon. Your prospect doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING about your business.  And you don’t need to “tell all”!    Find out what your prospect is looking for and THEN offer a solution that meets their concerns.

I hate to say it’s all about the Money, but it’s all about the Money.

Help your new team members to make money fast.  People are busy and most join your business to save money or make money.  Help them to do just that. How?

It starts with their Who Do You Know List
Have them get out their cellphone, their address book, their Christmas card list (hmmm, do people still use Christmas Card Lists?).  Wherever they keep their contacts.  That’s where you want them to look for prospective customers, helpers, and team members.

Help them think of more people by talking about each person on their list.  After all, it’s not only about who they know, but also about who the people they know, know!

You can also use the “Alphabet” method of memory jogging – think of an occupation or thought starter for each letter of the alphabet.   Such as:   A – Attorney, B – Beauty Salon, C – Christmas Card List, D – Doctors’ Offices (Great Places to Leave Flyers and Brochures!)

For more ideas – more than 100 places to leave your brochures,
Check out the free resources at

Lessons From Yoda

Ok, Ok, – first a reference to a spoof on Star Trek (Galaxy Quest).
Now, a lesson from Star Wars.

It is no secret that I am a huge Sci Fi Fan.  And these are two of my favorites.
Yoda, a Jedi Master in the Star Wars Movies says, “DO or Do Not. There is no Try.”
Truer words were never spoken, in this world or theirs.   Go ahead; TRY to pick up something on the table or desk in front of you.  Did you succeed?  Then, it wasn’t because you TRIED, it was because you DID.  We procrastinate, doubt ourselves and because we fear failure, frequently waste our time “trying” to do something.  Do it.  Just Do It.   Then, you can work on the “Review and Adjust” philosophy we mentioned earlier in this newsletter.

Here’s a clip from the movie –

Upcoming Seminars and Training

I just finished up an awesome training event in Dallas, TX.  Thanks to Nikki and Molly for providing our Seminar Location and making it so easy for me to stop by and share some ideas to help grow our business.  Thanks to Cathy for introducing me to Mijos – Great Salmon Tacos with an orange-jalapeno sauce!

How about an event in your area?  We’ll share fun and interactive training ideas to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs, find new customers, grow your team and enjoy your business more.   Here’s the link to the live events page.

Mark your calendars now!
Our next 10 week Avon Leaders Coaching Call Series begins on June 6th.

Weekly calls, for 10 weeks, with an Instant Replay in case you miss the live call.  If you eat out once a week, or drink two fancy drinks from Starbucks, you’ve got the money to join in and learn new ideas that have been proven to help Avon Leaders Grow their sales, and Advance to the next Leadership Level.  Find out more here.

Invite your downline, your friends and anyone who wants to grow a HUGE, SUCCESSFUL business to join in and learn with us.    We’ve conducted these training calls for 4 years now and hundreds of people have taken the class and then gone on to build very PROFITABLE businesses.   Check out what people are saying at the link above.   Then register and get started on your next step to success!

Well, that’s all for today – more next time.   Got a topic or question you’d like us to cover?  Just send an email to and we’ll include it in an upcoming newsletter!

As Always, as we close out this newsletter – Here’s to YOUR Success!


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