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Wish You Had A Do-Over Button?

Sometimes We Just Need A Break!

We work so hard that we forget WHY we’re working!   Everybody needs a break sometimes.

And Sometimes, we make mistakes.  Small Ones.  Sometimes Big Ones. Those are the times we wish we could have a Do-Over.

Do Over

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated with your business.  It could be that you don’t feel like you’re making enough money or adding enough new team members.   Sometimes, yes, we need a Do-Over I recently discovered the CNTRL Z Button.  It puts back whatever you deleted by mistake on your word document, emails, etc.    I love all these shortcut codes. Here’s what Urban Dictionary says about CONTRL Z

Urban Dictionary

Ctrl+Z. The most used key combination to undo the previous action the user has made. The use of a key combination to easily perform a command was first introduced by Macintosh, using the Q, Z, X, C and V buttons, in combination with the Command key, for the actions quit, undo, cut, copy and paste (in that order). (For those of you who can’t stand it any longer, here’s a link to get a list of Windows Shortcuts.   Mac Users, you probably know all these already, but just in case, here you go. )

My daughters laughed at me. “Mom, how can you not know about CONTROL Z?!” they said.

the girls and I Well, I didn’t.  But I’m sure glad I do now!  If I make a mistake and delete something I’m writing, I can just fix it fast with CNTRL Z! This works in our business too.  I remember a time when I was really frustrated with the progress of my business.  A good friend told me, “Sue, Fire Yourself Today.  Take the weekend off and re-hire yourself on Monday.  And, over the weekend, relax and think about what you would like you to do differently when you begin again.”   Great advice! I thought about what I wanted to accomplish when I re-hired myself a few days later.  I would be more consistent, do more prospecting for customers and team members.  I would choose to be in touch with critical team members more and do better recognition of their achievements. superstar

Here are a few great ideas for Recognition.

I like the car wash idea.  I bet you could combine it with a school who is doing a car wash fundraiser and recognize your team while supporting your local school. I also took some time to relax.  Did some reading.  Spent time with the family. We need that too!   It’s important to give ourselves time for refreshing and renewing.  I get some of my best ideas when I’m relaxing because my mind isn’t full of my list of things to do! Sometimes it helps to have a coach too.  All great performers have coaches.  I have several coaches and mentors in my life and business and I’m very thankful for them.  I regularly invest time and money in my success by learning new ideas and getting help from people who have done the things that I want to accomplish.  One time I told one of my mentors that I couldn’t afford coaching.  He laughed and said. “If you don’t get some help, how will you ever make more money?”  So true! If you’re frustrated and want to grow your business bigger, you might be ready for some coaching, we have a couple of programs you can check out at coaching is about your dreams The 10 week Coaching Class is great – we get into the nitty gritty of growing the business over the 10 weeks of coaching and training.  Be prepared though, you’ll have some homework to do each week – implementing the ideas we talk about – putting them to work for you and your business!   You can see some comments on the website too from people who have really moved their business forward from taking the class.  Our next session begins September 15th at 8 pm ET.  Each week has a 24/7 replay too, so don’t worry if you have a conflict.  And, you get to keep listening to the replays as long as you want and join future 10 week sessions for free! The Leaders Edge is a monthly membership – you get a 30 minute coaching call each month, plus all kinds of great resources, scripts, flyers and bonuses!  Lots of training on there to download and listen to.  And it’s a great deal right now too before the summertime subscription special offer is over. I also love doing “Live” Workshops.  I’ve got a couple coming up next month and I can’t wait to get out and see old friends and meet new friends too. We’ll do some training on prospecting and growing our teams.  Send me a quick note if you’d like a workshop in your area.   You’ll find the Chat Box under the calendar. Invest in yourself.  You’re worth it!

Before I finish, I want to tell you I love these Car Lashes! Click on the link or picture to see more.  I just ordered some!

What a Fun Idea For Our Business! Until Next Time – Here’s To Great Success! Sue

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