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Vendor Fairs and Special Events – Tips for Success!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 10:20pm 

Hi Everyone!
Over this last month, I’ve had a few people ask me about selling and recruiting for their company at Vendor Fairs/Job Fairs/Craft Fairs and Other Events.


A great resource you can use to find fairs and festivals in your area is

This site won’t give you info on Vendor Fairs, but lots of info on Fairs and Festivals in your area. If you use the free version, you don’t get full info, but you can usually google the name of the Fair to find out that info. Again, Free! I like Free Resources!

Now back to Vendor Fair/Shows in particular. These can be great networking events with other distributors as well as a good opportunity to expand your customer base.

You may not sell alot at the event. Don’t take me wrong, you may. I prefer to be conservative in my sales projections. Don’t overbuy to have alot of demos or cash and carry products available. You can take orders.. give a free gift with each brochure/catalog order as an incentive/thank you gift.

To me, one of the biggest opportunities at these events is the opportunity to gain new potential customer and prospective recruit information. Once you’ve captured their info, you can build relationships and market to them for a very long time.

Get email addresses and/or phone numbers. An easy way to do this is to have a raffle of some of your popular products, at least $25-$50 value so people will register to win. Use a simple contact card that asks a couple of questions. You could ask, Do they have a representative? Would they like to learn more about how to earn money? What are their top 3 skincare/health/financial/whatever concerns?
Then, space for Name, Address, Phone, Email info.

If you have multiple team members working the event, share all leads equally from the time period each person works. (usually 2 – 4 hour shifts) If you or a team member spend time with one specific prospective customer/recruit, have the team member initial their registration card. This will become one of their “leads” from the event.

Negotiate/arrange it so that EACH VENDOR gets a list of all who come through the door. That’s a list you can now add to your contact list and promote to.

Be sure that EACH VENDOR is promoting the event to their customers, the value is in the increased target audience because all are promoting. Plus the vendor will have a vested interest in promotion if know that their help in promotion will help them get new leads.

Promote the event to your List, not just current customers and team members, but to EVERYONE in your database/address book. You never know when the timing is right for someone to make a purchase or join to make some extra money. Situations change, people’s lives change and “NO” doesn’t always mean no.. it can mean.. Not Right Now.

Set up a Facebook “Event” for the show… you can promote it there also. 🙂 Ask other friends in your area to promote it by posting it on their Facebook page too.

This is by no means an all inclusive guide to promoting an event. Just a few tips.

Last but not least, never, ever forget that the “Fortune is in the Followup”. Those raffle entries you collect and the list of attendee names are there for you to share tips, info, sales messages and more after the event is over. I’ve always been amazed at how a rep of a company will invest time energy and money into an event, but never follow up on the people they come in contact with from that event.

Go for it. Have Fun. Make some New Friends. Learn some New Ideas. And yes, make some money!

Here’s to Your Success!

Sue Mazza

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