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Ropes On A Boat

Today, I’d like to “Pay It Forward”
The training below is one that I share with people across the country in Coaching Calls and Live Events.  I learned this important philosphy from one of my awesome mentors.Below the “Philosophy” are some Practical Ideas to help you and your team grow your business to the next level and BEYOND!

I have learned that this is an easy way to explain why it seems that sometimes our downline (or ourselves) are not achieving the Success in their business that we and they know that they can!

Many things can hinder our ability to move our business forward and achieve the success we desire.
Follow this short exercise and then look at the photos below for an illustration on what can be holding YOU back in achieving all the Success you want and deserve!

Grab a piece of paper and on your paper, draw a river.   Now, you may be an awesome artist.  However, if you are like me, don’t worry.  It doesn’t have to be accurate, or professional, just to help you get a visual… draw some squiggly river lines!

Picture the river, it is swiftly moving, sparkling in the sun, free flowing and will carry anything along  in it easily and smoothly.

Next, imagine that there is a Dock on the river and a Boat is tethered to the dock with 5 or 6 ropes.  Draw a square next to the river to symbolize a dock and then draw a boat… Just a triangle sail, stick for a mast and a square for the boat bottom  is fine.   Now, go ahead and draw the boat fastened to the dock with some ropes.

The boat can effortlessly move forward down the river only after ALL the ropes are cut.

The river is our business. We are the boat. The ropes are the things that hold us back in our business.

The ropes are things like:

Poor self image

Lack of presentation skills

Inability to find prospects or need to learn new skills to find prospects

Lack of belief

No way to afford more brochures to share

Poor time management

Fear of rejection, the phone, fear of people, etc

Other ropes can be things like:

Lack of a plan

Not enough experience with the products

Not staying plugged into support system

Lack of consistency



We have to first acknowledge that we have some “issues”, some “ropes” that we need to deal with.

Next, we need to identify which beliefs, habits and attitudes are holding us back.  Sometimes it’s habits and activities that at one time seemed good but are no longer serving us in achieving our goals.

Finally, we have to begin to cut through these binding ropes, and it take some time.   If you are like me, some of these ropes, these self-limiting beliefs can feel like they are heavy steel cables!

As we do this, and the ropes fall away from the boat to the dock, our boat, our business will begin go grow at a faster pace, encouraging us to step out in confidence and develop new skills that will lead us to Success!

I took the pictures below in Jamaica while Cruising with my family a few months ago!   Take a look at the size of these ropes!

Some of the “Ropes” that hold us back are Really Big!


We have to cut through all of our “Ropes” – our Self – Limiting Beliefs before we can become Successful.


Leaders know that this business is really simple.  In fact, there are really only two things we need to do.


  1. Find people to Talk to
  2. Tell them some things to guide them to becoming  a customer, a helper, or a rep on our team


The first step is helping them find people to talk to.

So here are some easy ways, pretty much rejection free, that we can use to find some people to talk to.

  1. Develop a Signature File for your email – even if you already have one, does each of your team?
  2. Meet with your downline – face to face, to develop relationships, train and ask for referrals.
  3. Say “What’s New With You”?  to someone you know and if they ask back… tell them a short version of how we joined our company and how it has affected our lives – then ask them – so, what do you think?
  4. Be sure to have brochures and samples with us daily as we are out and about – make your prospecting a part of your daily life!
  5. Chatting with people in Restaurants, at the Grocery store, etc
  6. Waiting rooms of all types ask.;”so what do you do”?  (For people you do not know)
  7. Product sampling at vendor and trade shows and expos, gyms, health clubs, any place people gather.  Pass out some samples for a Customer appreciation day.
  9. Attention getting device..button, car sign, iron on logo on canvas shopping bags.

Something that gets them to ask about your business or products

10,  My favorite –  5 magic words… AND, OH, BY THE WAY!

Quote of the Week – “Fear Causes Hesitation and Hesitation will cause our worst fears to come true.”

Action trumps fear every time.  Sitting around thinking about it causes more fear.  Just pick one. Of your “ropes, or one of the intentions that are not serving you” and start action, get momentum going, then get some feedback so you can become better!

Here’s to Your Success!
Sue Mazza

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