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Website Development

Having a personal or professional website and social media presence is essential to reaching a wide audience, increasing sales, and staying in contact with your team and your customers. 

Most people avoid developing their online presence because they’re on a tight budget, or simply don’t have the know-how, but some people use independent web developers like me who will create an inexpensive and worry-free website for small business owners and network marketing distributors. 

I use Rachel as my webmaster and social media manager. She’s an experienced social media manager and web developer and would love the opportunity to take over the role of developing your website and managing your business social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter. This would include posting updates, news stories and photos. I can also provide you with statistics regarding the traffic to your website.



The initial consultation to determine your individual needs is free of charge.

As your personal web developer and social media manger, I charge a fee of $30 /hour. For a small and simple website, initial set-up is estimated to take 4-5 hours, for a more complicated website, 5-8 hours.

After the initial set-up I estimate that regular maintenance requires 1 to 2 hours per week, depending on how many updates and news articles you would like to display. I will create content by asking you for updates, current photos and information once or twice per week.

(Example: Small website $150 one-time fee for initial set-up, $200 month or less for maintenance)

Besides the initial set-up and maintenance fee, the only cost involved is the domain (URL) registration and server hosting fee, this total cost is less than $100 per YEAR.



I know that it is important that you be able to access and update information yourselves if needed. As usernames and passwords are set up, I will copy you on all login information to ensure you have complete access. You will have complete control and access to all website and social media pages. While I will be available to update any page quickly and efficiently, with a quick click of a button you will be able to edit any information yourself if desired.



Below I’ve posted a few examples of my work in both website design and social media management, as well as services I can provide for tracking and analyzing traffic and your growing online audience.

I look forward to speaking further with you about the development and growth of your online presence


Rachel Joy Mazza

A Gesture is a not-for-profit company based near Melbourne, Australia that focuses on re-distributing unsold food to those who need it most in the community.

Other examples available upon request.


The most important part of social media management is to keep a constant flow of new information. Photos, videos and status updates are important to keep your grow your audience and keep followers and fans interested. Along with website design and management, the quoted rates include creating and managing your social media presence online.

Periodically I will take new photographs and videos to upload to the website, Facebook and Twitter accounts to ensure a fresh, people-oriented online presence.


Twitter is a fantastic tool for reaching your audience instantaneously. I currently manage several twitter feeds for entrepreneurs, artists and small businesses. Below are two examples of twitter feeds that require constant updating and management to reach a growing audience.



Of course, the most important part of social media management is results. Driving traffic to your page is important, but reaching a wide audience and keeping them engaged is even more essential. Below are several examples of how social media management services have recently created big results and extended the reach of one of my Clients. These are statistics from their facebook fanpage.

Through a combination of online advertising, free internet promotion and sharing the page in my various social media networks, I was able to add over 300 new fans in less than a week’s time.

Now when we post a new photo or status update, the view-per-post not only reaches those new fans, but also the extended networks of any fans that interact with our page (see below).
For example, we recently posted a photo and status update regarding our food waste being used as feed for free-range pig farms. Using traffic analyzation tools, we are able to see that the post has reached over 200 people since we posted it on the facebook page on.

The ability to see when, where and how our audience interacts with our posts allows us to analyze what people want to see, what works and what doesn’t.


We can design logos, brochures, banners, online advertising, or any other graphic or digital art you may need to promote your business.

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