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Twenty Cold Weather Prospecting Ideas

Twenty Cold Weather Prospecting Ideas

1. Telephone – Share your Business Opportunity with other in the comfort of your own home.

2. Laundromat – It’s indoors and people doing their laundry are a captive audience looking for something interesting while waiting on their laundry.

3. Shopping Mall – Share while you Shop!   Retail sales clerks are certainly not overpaid!

4. Beauty Shop – Instead of sharing woes, share your excitement about your products and business with your hairdresser or barber.  If you have a product that is complimentary to their business, they may even want to carry it in their shop.

5. The Spa – People who go to the spa have higher self images and more discretionary income.  They are concerned about their appearance .   They want to look and feel great!  Health and Beauty Products are a natural fit to share here.

6. Restaurants – for Waitresses, their existing customers are a built-in source for an earning opportunity.

7. Retirement Facilities – Meet a great group of active people who would like to supplement their income.

8. Health Club – Demo your products during the club’s customer appreciation day.   Meet others who want to look and feel their best.  People who have joined a health club are frequently more postitive, want to make more of themselves and have higher discretionary income.

9. Clubs and Organizations – Get to know members, invite them to coffee, build the relationship and by asking great questions, determine needs in their life for your product or business opportunity.  Join and find a group that meets your interests.

10. Newspaper ads –  Place an ad in your local pennysaver or newspaper.  People are looking for a way, now more than ever, to make ends meet and pay for upcoming holiday bills.

11. – Job Wanted Ads/Daycare Providers – Call anyone looking for a job or home daycare providers to let them know that your company has a great opportunity to earn money now that will compliment any new or existing business or job.

12. – Grocery Stores – Post your business opportunity on the community message board with your name and number.   Also, while waiting in line at the checkout counter is a great way to start a conversation with a potential prospect.

13. Every time you fill up your car, talk to the attendant.  Be sure to visit different stations at different times so you can meet new people.   Or, if you find that the attendant is interested, come back at the same time the next day.  People frequently work a consistent schedulde.

14. – Co-workers.  Co-workers can be a great source of leads.  Let them know you are looking for people who want to earn more money or “make an extra paycheck” on their lunch hour.  They’ll want to know more about what you are offering.

15. Relatives – Another great resource for leads.  Espeically if they work outside the home, belong to a club, go to restaurants, are active in their community.

16.  Church Members – Priests, Pastors and other clergy members frequently know of members who are in need of additional sources of income.

17.  Social Networking – learn how to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to build your list of prospective customers and team members.

18. Children with Parents – your children know alot of children with parents!  As a parent, you know the high cost of raising children.  You can offer a way for them to earn addtional income.   If your children are small, consider jioning a play group.  You can also join the PTA and get to know lots of other parents.

19.  The 3 B’s of social selling – Bingo, Bunco and Bowling.  People who enjoy these activites are generaly very social and enjoy working with people.  They frequently pass around each others’ product catalogs as they enjoy spending time together.

20 – Anytime, Any Place – Just Ask!    Remember P.O.O.R. stands for Passing Over Opportunites Repeatedly.   Choose to be Rich, not P.O.O.R.
BONUS TIP – Be sure to carry extra catalogs, samples,  business cards and tools to share with everyone.  Every Contact is a potential Customer, Team Member, Helper!

Here’s To Your Success!
Sue Mazza

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