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Prospecting For The Faint Of Heart


Tips for Prospecting – for “Shy” Reps


Many people are hesitant to approach “friends they haven’t met yet” when they begin their business.

I’ve used most of the prospecting ideas below – why not give them a try?

Pick a few of the ideas below and try them for a month.

After a month pick a few more and try them for a month.

Keep a log of what works best for you and what doesn’t, along with any other ideas you come up with.

I’ve learned that after you go up and ask one person if they would like a Brochure, it takes away the nervous feeling and you can then walk up to anyone and say, “When’s the last time you saw a (your company) Brochure?” and smile. If you do it once it will be easier to do more.

I’ve accumulated these ideas from other leaders’s posts and my own experience – I hope these ideas help you too!


1. Go to the grocery store and wear logo and apparel and say “hi” and smile to strangers. (If you get brave, could ask how they’re doing)
2. Give out 1 brochure a day by asking, “Would you like a free brochure” or “When’s the last time you saw an (your company) Brochure?”  And that’s it. Then move on.
3. Find a conversation opener you can live with (nice day today, isn’t it?…do you shop here often?… I really like this hair salon, don’t you?, etc) and use it 3 times.
4. Call 10 customers for reorders.
5. Make a flyer and take 5 and put in various places.  Go back once a week to replace it if necessary.  While you’re there, leave a brochure for the people at that business.
6. Make up goody bags and just hand out to people with you brochure and/or business card.   Put a coupon in the bag for a free gift with their order.  This could be a lip balm, hand lotion,  shower gel, anything that costs you just a dollar or two.  Remember to write down the cost of these giveaways.  They are business deductions as an “advertising expense” to promote your business.
7. Hang brochures on 10 doors in your neighborhood.
8. Go to 5 doors and knock and ask if they would like a brochure (must answer the door for this to count)
Knock to introduce yourself – don’t worry, most won’t be home anyways.  And when someone opens the door, take a deep breath, smile and introduce yourself as their local Representative.
9. Give out 10 surveys with a sample to strangers. If you’re really brave ask for their name (maybe ask at least 5)
10. Ask 5 customers for at least 1 referral.    Use the “WHO DO YOU KNOW” format to ask them for a referral.
11. Give 5 customers 2 brochures.  One for themselves and one to pass on to friends.
12. Ask 5 customers to give out surveys with a sample attached to a friend (1 survey for each customer), the customer gets something in return for passing it on (free gift or % off, etc.,)
13. E-mail 5 customers. If you don’t have their e-mail, ask them for it.  Add them to your Web Office.
14. When you visit a business leave a brochure on their waiting room table (try for 5 businesses)
15. Go to the library (or stores) and hang one brochure on each of the rest room stalls
16. Go try on clothes and leave a brochure in the dressing room stall
17. Go to the park and leave brochures on benches, etc.  Better yet, say Hi to one of the other moms there and give her a brochure.
18. Go to the post office after hours on Saturday and leave brochures there.
19. Go to 5 ATM’s and leave brochures there.   Or, go through the drive up at your bank and include a brochure with your transaction.
20. Go to one gas station, fill up for $5 and leave a brochure, go to another gas station, fill up for $5 and leave a brochure there, do this for 5 gas stations.
21. Go rent a video and when you return it, drop it in the box and include a brochure with it, if you can, leave one on it or leave a magnetic business card on the box.
22. Take the bus or other public transportation and leave a brochure on the seat and at the bench you’re at.
23. Go get something dry cleaned and leave brochures there.
24. Go into a grocery store and leave a brochure in a couple of the carts that are already in there (less likely to be cleaned out and thrown away)
25. Go to a local high school football game or event and leave brochures on the bleachers.

26. Do something that will be the final result of your goal (visiting dream houses [and leave brochures]; trying on smaller sized clothing [and leave brochures]; going to a car dealership and looking at that new car [and leave brochures]; going to the bank and getting out dimes, which one day will be hundreds [and leave brochures]; visit travel agencies and get brochures on your dream vacation [and leave brochures]; etc.
27. Call customers and ask them to help you practice (recruiting, consultations, make overs, parties/bashes, etc. (Remember to ask those that you would recruit or buy from your consultation, etc.)
28. Sell ‘up’ to package similar items  or suggest products that go well together.
29. Go to the bookstore and get a book that will lift your spirits and leave brochures.
30. Go through your customer receipts and find customers who haven’t ordered a particular product for a while (skin care, lip stick), call them for an order.
31. Find 5 businesses with a bulletin board to leave flyers.  Coffee shops, laundromats, etc.
32. Go to the park with your kids, resale shop, etc., and leave brochures.
33. Look in your personal phone book and find 5 old friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time, call or go visit them (and
offer them a brochure if appropriate)
34. Go to the movies (and see it). Before and after the movie find places to leave brochures (restroom, seats, etc)
35. Go bet your hair done and leave a brochure in the waiting room.
36. Go get your car washed and leave brochures there.
37. Go to your bank and go inside and give out samples tired in a bag with a ribbon that’s attached to a brochure to the women there (you’re honoring professional women today)
38. Have your family members wear company apparel, t-shirt or sweatshirt advertising your business or give them magnetic car signs to use if they move around alot during the day.

39. Include a flyer and business card with all your bill payments and go deliver in person and leave brochures.
40. Advertise in your alumni newsletter and/or local paper (pennysaver,etc.) go there to place the ad and leave brochure.
41. Have an open house or yard sale, visit yard sales and chat about how they have been doing and offer the opportunity to make extra cash.
42. Put a brochure in the employees lunch room.
43. Sell 3 lipsticks – on purpose, you ask the customer to buy them.
44. Sell 1 complete skin care set to one customer who hasn’t bought one before.
45. Write 10 thank you notes to customers who haven’t ordered in 2 campaigns.
46. Try the Customer Appreciation Day Prospecting Method at under the Resources section.
Be sure to order the “sample success pack” in the “What’s New Brochure” so you have samples for that campaign.
47. Keep 10 items in a basket for on the spot sales  (cash & carry basket) and take with you when you visit customers.
48. Send out 5 flyers or call 2 places for a fund raiser.
49. Find 3 places that hold fairs where you may be able to put up a booth later this year or next year and mark the date on your calendar to prepare to do this.
50. Ask Customers for an idea of where you could leave a few brochures.   Let them know you are expanding your business and thank them for their help.
51. Ask 5 customers to order from your web site.  Be sure your website is on your business cards and brochures.
52. Ask 2 good customers to host a book party and take orders from friends and family; give them 5 brochures each with order forms that you pull out of the free receipt books we can order.
53. Go have coffee or ice cream and give out 5 brochures (hang one in the restroom stall; leave one on the table with the tip; on top of the free newstand outside; with the waitress/clerk; a customer; etc.)
54. Ask 2 customers, husband, etc., to take 5 brochures to work with them
55. Leave brochures in 5 new places you haven’t before.