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Make Money Paying Bills

Tired of Paying Bills?   Turn your Paying Bills into a Money Making Activity!

I’ve yet to meet anyone who loves to sit down and pay bills.   Takes time, energy, RESOURCES!, and many times, what we are paying is for something that is already used and gone, so no fun at all!
Change that for you and your team.   Paying bills is a great way that you can find new prospects for your products and business opportunity!  You’ll build your business and make more money.

Most of us don’t consider that Every BILL that you pay is opened by a real person, who has to reach inside the envelope and pull you’re your check, payment coupon and anything else that’s there inside the envelope.

Why not send along a prospecting card or flyer with your payment so your “minimum wage bill payment recorder person”  has an opportunity to make some more money too!

You can use a prospecting card, recruiting flyer, sample with label attached, anything that will safely fit into the envelope.
There are lots of flyers available, or design one of your own at Vistaprint.   Many times you’ll get your Vistaprint products almost for free with all their great specials!

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Remember, practically anything on our website is available to cut and paste into your flyer, prospecting card or letter.   Just right click, copy and paste as you hold your mouse over the picture or text you want.

If you are already enclosing a card, here’s a great way to get even better results!

In this high-tech, low-touch world, it’s a fact that, in marketing, the more personal you can make your approach and introduction, the higher the response rate is.  So, “get personal” and take a minute to write a short note, such as:


Dear Friend,

We’ve never met, but I wanted to introduce myself.   My name is [Your Name Here] and I specialize in teaching and helping people just like you to earn more money, working from home, or earning an extra paycheck on their lunch hour.   I am always looking for sharp, energetic, motivated people who want to make a difference in their lives and who are willing to learn how to do it.

I don’t know if you are that person, or, if maybe you know someone who is.  So, I wanted to attach my card and ask if you would pass this note and the card along to someone that you know who is looking to make more money and improve their life.   Please have them call the number on the card and I will give them an overview of what I do.  If they have an interest in seeing if they qualify to work with me, they can just leave me a message at the end.

Thanks for your time and for passing this along.
[Your Name]


After you’ve written your note, go to a quikprint store and make a hundred copies.  Every time you pay a bill, tape a business card to this note and send it along with the payment.

You don’t have to do this ONLY with you bills too.  Take every piece of junk mail that you get and pull out the prepaid self-addressed envelope and mail it back with your note and card!

Here’s to Your Success!
Sue Mazza

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