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Make Money Eating Lunch!

This is an easy, rejection-free way to prospect for new Customers and Representatives while you are out at a Restaurant.  This is perfect for cold weather, or anytime!


You’ll need:                Contact or Business Cards, about 6 per visit/person

1 small  gift or sample from you company

Enjoy lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant.  Of course, you’ll strike up a conversation with your server.   During your meal, offer her a brochure and a Contact Card and ask her to fill it out for your mailing list.   Tell her you’ll give her a free gift if she fills it out.    Give her the Contact Card along with a brochure with your contact information on it.  (Name, phone number, fax, email, website, flyer, special offer, etc.)

When the waitress brings back the Card, regardless of what she’s checked, give her her free gift and thank her warmly. Then, offer her 5 more Contact Cards and tell her you’ll give her $25 in Free Products if she fills them out with the names and info of 5 friends (These can really be anything ).   If you run short, check with your upline or district manager for emergency replacements!

Take a look at her initial Card when she gives it to you.   If she is interested in hearing more about The Opportunity, be sure to schedule a time to meet with her within the next 24 hours BEFORE you leave the restaurant!!

If she is interested in selling, or you have approached her about being a helper for you, be sure to leave her with your business card and 5-10 brochures to share with co-workers.   Again, let her know how to contact you with questions, and assure her you’ll be in touch within the next 24-48 hours.   If you need business cards, check out for 250 free business cards and just $4.95 shipping.


When she brings the 5 additional Contact Cards back, thank her again and give her her free products.  (If she only gives you, say, 3 names, give her $15 in products.)


Make sharing  brochures with the Contact Cards a habit each time you eat out and watch your prospects grow!!

Remember, the key is to always have a steady supply of “prospects” to talk with to sort through them to see if they might be a good fit for your business.

The fortune is in the follow-up!!     Here’s to YOUR SUCCESS!


Sue Mazza      

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