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Format for holding a weekly New Rep Team Meeting

Train the Trainer

Success Unlimited!

New Rep Meeting Training Agenda

The goal – 30 leaders conduct a meeting at least once a month in the area, and across the country, training new representatives in selling and leadership skills.   New reps can attend any meeting close to them.    Meetings will be posted on the calendar on our websites so our representatives can see when the next meeting is that is close to them!

Additional Communication can be done in person, by email, txt or phone.

Have a Sign in Sheet with  Name, Phone Number, Email, and Upline’s Name

Agenda – 60 Minutes

A   Welcome and Recognition – 5-10 minutes

Introduce yourself and share a little about yourself and your business.  (Relevant)

Congratulate them on starting their own business

Let each rep. introduce herself and share, and what she loves about her Avon biz.

B   Introduction – 2 minutes

Why we are here  – to share ideas, tips and help you grow skills to develop a large, profitable Avon business!    We’ll share about new products, give some ideas on how to prospect and find new customers and new recruits for your team to grow your earnings.

C   Refer them to  Beauty of Knowledge Training – Everything they need to know!

1.   Avon Cycle of Success – 15 minutes

Find Customers

**Share 3-5 prospecting methods

**The Power of 3

**Importance of the Customer List

Present Brochure, Sample and Demo Products

**Find Helpers

**Become an E-Representative

Follow Up with Customers

**The Fortune is in the FollowUp

Submit On-Time Order

**schedule is under PROFILE on website

Receive and Deliver Products… collect Money and ask for Referrals

**Discuss Money Management and Payment Methods

**B.O.K. Courses – Calculating Your Earnings and

Managing Your Orders

Pay Avon and then Pay yourself

**Importance of Setting Goals

Most importantly – HAVE FUN!

D  Introduction to Leadership – 15 minutes

Avon offers us the opportunity to grow our business and earnings even more with the Leadership Program.   Just as all of you responded to someone to join Avon, you can now also benefit from building your own team.

Avon pays us a bonus for helping and mentoring others to success!

It’s the SHOW part of the Sell, Share, Show Model

Introduce Fast Start Program

Ask them to think of  3-5 people who could use some extra money and write them down.    Invite them to share that list with their upline to get started.  Upline will mentor and train them in appointment and leadership.

E  Product Highlights – 5 – 10  minutes

Go through the What’s New for that time period and discuss upcoming products

5 steps to the flawless face





Eye or Special Need

Customers may not always need an extra Tinkerbell blanket but they always need great skincare.

Discuss Full Earnings vs Fixed Earnings and Repeat Sales

F  Close – 10 minutes

Any Questions?

Thank them for coming

Dates of upcoming Sales, Leadership, Training Meetings and Conference Calls

First Step in Building a HUGE and PROFITABLE Avon Business!

Here’s to Your Success!
Sue Mazza

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