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Gain Instant Access to Private, Members Only Monthly Coaching, Webinars, Replays and Training Tools, designed with YOU and YOUR BUSINESS in mind, to help you Build your business BIG and earn all the money you want and need!

Why This Coaching Membership is exactly what you need to build your business BIG!

These LIVE Training Calls are perfect for anyone in any home-based business who is ready to “kick it up a notch” and take their business to the next level!

– Do you have trouble overcoming your own self-limiting beliefs?

Then these Coaching Calls are for just for you!

Do you want to learn all the best places to prospect for prospective Customers, Team Partners?

You’ve come to the right place!

Are you struggling to find the right words to say to get your prospects to say YES!!   – to your products and your business opportunity?   You’ll learn exactly what to say in a way that your prospects start nodding yes before you even finish the conversation!

– Are your downline members unmotivated and underperforming?  You’ll find out just what is holding them back from being the Superstars you know they can be!

– Are you sick and tired of not making the money you deserve and want to know why?  You’ll love knowing how to turn this around and grow your business as big as you can dream it to be!

If you just want to run your business as a hobby and maybe get a little discount, then save your time and money, these calls are not for you. These calls are for serious network marketers and direct sales people only.

Our goal is to make you a better Direct Sales and Network Marketer F-A-S-T with no-nonsense skills and tools so you can build your business and earn the bonus checks you want.

Here’s what you’ll get with your membership:

  • A Very Special Call 3-4 Times Each Month – You’ll join in with our Endless Prospects Group for 4 Weekly Calls (except Holidays) where you get 45-60 Minutes of Jam-Packed Coaching and Training Monthly with Sue Mazza, Multi-Million Dollar Producer in Direct Sales and Network Marketing, as well as other Top Leaders who will share PROVEN Business Ideas to Help YOU GROW!
    PLUS, as a Leaders Edge Member, you’ll get the transcript of all calls beginning July 2015 so that you can refer back to them and customize ideas for your team.  You’ll also get a written schedule of all topics and dates, along with replay links, replay numbers and reference codes of each and every Endless Prospects Call!
  • A Member Only Mastermind Call We’ve updated this for you so that we can offer more personal coaching for you.  We’ll explore YOUR business with a 15-30 minute call once a month.  We’ll strategize ways you can grow your business bigger and faster than ever
    • Replays of all the Live Training Calls so you can listen and learn anytime you want!

All calls will also be listed on the Endless Prospects Website, so you’ll have easy download capability  – Save them to your computer and have immediate access to the training you need right when you need it!  Put them on your iPod, MP3 player, CD.  Listen in your car, home, anywhere!


    • Access To The Private Archives – You can listen any call, on any topic, anytime!


    • Special Surprise Guest Appearance Training from National and International Sales and Recruiting Leaders – available to Members Only!


    • V.I.P. Status – “First Look” Access to all new training tools, before they are even available to the public!


  • 24/7 Access to the full and ever-growing Library of  Expert Scripts, Training Tools and Resources!

You’ll get all this for just $11.99 per month.  Or, purchase an annual membership for only $100.

Save big over the month-to-month membership cost.






Need another reason to join now?

Begin your Subscription today and get 3 free bonuses, worth over $125!

1. Dialing For Dollars – This Prospecting Script will give you the exact words to say to call anyone, anytime and help you get an appointment with them easily! – $50 value

(I’ve personally made a LOT of money with this quick one page script!)

2. The 300% Shift – A special timeless goal-setting audio download from Amazing Aussie International Trainer “Coach Mark Davis”! – PRICELESS – $25 value

3. Sample Making Party Made Simple – You’ll love this easy way to get your downline together for an time of fun and learning as you make some samples together to grow your business!  And then, begin to schedule events to put them to use in growing your business!  Great and Fun Team Building Activity! – $50 value

PLUS! One More Very Special Free Bonus!

WordPicsBecome a member today and you will receive the FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD of – International Network Marketing Training Superstar, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s training CD, WORD PICTURES , sold on his website for $19.95

This amazing resource will show you how you can reach right into peoples’ minds and help them easily believe all the good things you are telling them.

How do people think?  In words or pictures?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this means that if you can communicate with “word pictures” you will be transferring information from your brain to their brain 1,000 times faster!

If your prospect now sees what you see, your prospect will make the same decision.

In this CD, you will learn the magic of word picture and how to instantly transfer your vision to your prospects.

This BONUS CD is in addition to all of the benefits above!






I know you are going to love your Leaders’ Edge Membership and I’m looking forward to helping make My Success – YOUR SUCCESS!

Have a great day!


Sue Mazza has helped thousands of people to begin and thrive in their own home based businesses in her 20+ year career.   She expertly coaches others through live workshops, one on one mentoring, and phone/webinar training events.  As a 6-figure earner, Sue is uniquely qualified to help you grow your Direct Sales/Network Marketing Business.  Don’t miss out on our next call!!


What people are saying about The Leader’s Edge

Here’s what other people are saying about Sue’s training…

Sue, you need to know she told me she felt like a lightbulb went off when she attended your meeting! You really made sense to her and helped her realize she really could do more Avon for income and not work so hard at her other job.(overtime etc.) She is really pumped!
Jackie, IN
I appreciate how you think like a leader and are helping us to think like leaders and keep our downline informed about stuff that would have blown over my head.
Marcie, FL
Sue, Thanks for the awesome call tonight! This is definitely going to help my business!
Lynn, CA
Had a very productive day today and start of an awesome morning. My day started going to starbucks to meet Sue Mazza for a meeting. I Felt very acknowledged or and very enlighted. Learned so much from her. Thank You sue. You’re the best!
Margarita, IL
Loved the call last night. I will definitely be trying the tips you gave. Sue is amazing. I am doing those calls and they have really helped me. We are nearing the end of this set of calls. Honestly i hate to see them end i have gotten so much from them
Angie, TN
I attended Sue’s workshop this evening. I got so much great info and am reignited. I can’t wait to start implementing these ideas. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her workshops or get on her calls, it is time and money well spent if you are serious about growing your Avon business.
Mary, AZ
Hi Sue, Thanks so much for the coaching call tonight and for offering this program. I am very excited about this. I learned so much and got lots of great ideas and it’s only the first call!! This is going to give my business a huge boost.I can’t wait to apply what I’m learning to my business.
Isabel, TX
Sue Mazza is utterly amazing and has WONDEFUL information to impart in her coaching calls. This training is a MUST for anyone who wants to get the most out of their MLM business and learn how to truly be effective and successful. Spending the money and time on this series with Sue will be a VERY WISE investment. Thank you, Sue, for being such a wonderful wealth of truly helpful information. Several of her techniques can be applied to many areas of life to help anyone who institutes them.
Kim, NC
Oh Yea! Sue is awesome with her Coaching and her Training Calls. She will help you take your Biz to the next level!
Char, IN
I’m on the weekly coaching calls and I can’t thanks Sue enough for the help and encouragement. It makes me open eyes up and having other reps talking helps me realize i’m not alone.
Sue, NY