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Finding Prospects Is Easy

What does a Rubik’s Cube have to do with prospecting?

Expert Prospectors figure out how to solve the problem.

Expert Prospectors figure out how to solve the problem.

People ask me all the time; How do I find new prospects for my business?   I ask them what they’re currently doing to find new prospects and they lay out the usual methods:

  • Passing out Company Catalogs or Brochures
  • Sending them to a Website
  • Handing them some samples of a product
  • Posting on Facebook or sending Facebook Messages
  • Chatting up people they meet
  • Talking to all their family and friends
  • Buying Leads
  • Referrals
  • Running Ads
  • Flyers on Bulletin Boards
  • Business Cards

I could list 100 more.

Do these methods work?   Yes, A Little.

When you combine them all, you’ll see some results. But most people still don’t get the results they want, a steady stream of people joining their business.

Let’s look at one reason why.   It’s our Focus.

We first need to determine if the person we’re talking with has a need or a problem we can solve.  Every person is NOT a prospect.   They may be a SUSPECT.   As in….We SUSPECT they COULD BE a PROSPECT!

When we approach someone with a statement like:

*Let me tell you about my new business opportunity
*You’d be perfect at this.
*You can build a big team and make residual income
*Join my business
*My company is the best
*I’m looking for 5 people to join my team
*You can make alot of money with this

Most of them will turn and run the other way as fast as they can.  They might not do it physically but mentally and emotionally, they have tuned you out.   They may listen politely because they don’t want to offend you but they are almost always scanning the horizon for an exit.

What did we do wrong?

We focused on what WE want, not what our Prospect Wants.

People all want pretty much the same thing.
More time, more money, a comfortable life, people they love and who love them, enough food to eat and money to spare for a little fun.   And most people wish they had more of all of these.

They have a problem. They want more.  We have a solution – our business.

We have to become problem solvers.  Just like solving a Rubik’s cube, there are many ways to solve the problem.  But first we have to uncover the problem that our prospect has.  What’s their pain point?   That take some time to develop a relationship where your suspected prospect is willing to share their problem.

Some people will see your business as the solution right away. Most will not.  We need to make every statement that comes out of our mouth a problem solving statement to help our prospects.

Instead of saying:

You can make alot of money with this business…


Most people can’t get by on just one paycheck these days.  In fact, most people have to get a second job or cut back on the fun things in life.   I just found out how to double my income this year with a part -time business.  Want to hear a little about it?

We’ve hit their pain point, got their permission to tell them more and created curiosity.  Now they’ll be a bit more open to listening.

In every conversation, listen for those “pain points”.  People often won’t come out and tell us right away what their worried about.  It comes out in conversation like this:

Janie’s joining the cheerleading team.  Man, those outfits are expensive!

Bob’s hours got cut back, I think we’re going to visit the relatives instead of going to Disneyland this year.

I’ll just drive this old car a little longer.  Hopefully I can make it through the winter with it.

I’m just so tired all the time. I have to work 3 jobs just to make ends meet.

Do you see the pain points?   For each of these examples, think of a way that you could help them solve their problem.  Make your statements BENEFITS focused – what your business can do for them…don’t just give them the company byline.

When we begin to think as problem solvers, and not as prospectors, we’ll begin to find more people who need what we have, are willing to listen and who may be ready to do something about it.

Happy Prospecting!


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