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Don’t be shocked – I was an Addict but I’m better now.

Hey… From the title of this post, I bet you’re wondering what my addiction is.

It’s a pretty serious problem, but nothing like you’re thinking.  I’m not addicted to drugs or gambling or anything like that. What is it then?


facebook phone distraction

Ever since I started working and doing business online more, I’ve enjoyed checking in to see who comments on a post or likes a video I post.  It got to the point where I was checking my online social media maybe 15-20 times a day on my phone because it was so much fun!  I love checking to see how people are liking my sunset posts or commenting on a business building idea.   I was checking my email waaaay too often too, even though there’s nothing that is that much fun in there.  People don’t seem to be using email as much these days.

On top of that, sitting around my home office, I’d be distracted by all the “Stuff” I needed to do at home.  You know…things like ….piles of paper in the office….actually those piles of paper that  seem to multiply like bunnies in the bags I take out to work with me each day.   Honestly, I swear, I just made ONE little note!   Where did all these papers come from? Even little home chores were distracting.

What to make for dinner, that pile of laundry that needs to be folded and put away.  A DIY project or home decorating idea I want to get to. And instead of knocking things off my to-do list each day, at the end of the day ended up with 101 things to do on my 99 item to do list!

Then suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I realized that checking my Facebook, reading emails and hopping up from the desk to take care of “one little thing” does absolutely nothing to help me, and you achieve our business and personal goals.   And it really slows us down in getting things done because we’re constantly interrupting what we’re supposed to be doing in our business day.

We want to focus on Money-Making Activities!  Things like prospecting and follow up, working with our team, personal and professional development and building sales and recruiting leaders.

So, I did what anyone with an addiction should do.  I went for help.   I asked other home-based business people and coaches about this problem and it turns out, a lot of people feel the exact same way.   And those who recognize the problem and overcome it, not only get a lot more done each day but they achieve their goals more easily too. Here’s what I found.   Many of them help trick us into becoming more productive.They use tools like MOMENTUM for Google’s Chrome browserto help them keep a focus on the most important priority each day.

My daughter Rachel, a successful online marketer in Thailand sent me her itunes WRITING MIX. “Put the headphones on Mom”, she said, and get to work creating great training for your team and coaching friends.   I heeded my own training and got back to work with my JUST FOLD FIVE Philosophy.   That took care of all those little notes on paper.   More on Just Fold Five Next Newsletter!

I discovered a great app, RescueTime, that showed me just where my time thieves were lurking.   I downloaded Remember The Milk, which works on all my devices, gmail, iPad, android cellphone, laptop, etc and helps me remember and manage all those little things that previously I put down on paper.   It follows me everywhere I go like a faithful puppy.  (Even though the app icon is a cow!)   I use Evernote for all those training ideas I want to capture to work on later.   And although I’m just starting with it, FollowFox is proving to be a great new tool to remind me of follow up tasks that I need to do.

slacking back to workHere’s a great tip to deal with people who pop in to chat while you’re working.  This works whether you’re in an actual office or working from home.   You can politely acknowledge them and even give them a minute or two of your time as you get up from your desk or workstation and walk around it to the space where they are standing.  After a minute, after their business is concluded and they are still talking or whenever you decide, smile and say…well, it was great seeing/talking with you, I’d better get back to work.   Give them a hug or whatever goodbye you choose and turn and head back to your desk and sit back down.  It’s a friendly and clear                                                        signal for them and a trigger for you to do just that.

Oh, and I’ve made a deal with myself – remember, I’m the boss of me.   I’m turning off my Facebook notifications on my phone and checking my Facebook in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Well, I think I can accomplish that 99% of the time, after all, no one’s perfect!

Want some more tips – here are a couple of great articles for you.  I especially like #2.   

Here’s to Great Success!


Ps – if it’s those darling kids of yours that are distracting you, here’s a simple technique that I used when my children were small and that I’ve taught to home-based business moms around the world. Get a kitchen timer, or use the one on your microwave or oven.  I prefer the wind up kind because the kiddos can keep an eye on it and it’s a tangible thing for them to watch.   Set it for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or whatever time you need.  Let them know that when it goes off, Mommy will be ready to play or go or ice cream, or whatever fun thing you dream up.  Let them know that Mommy is working so they can do that and they have to be patient.  Always be sure to stop when the timer goes off to show your children that your word is good!   kids distract home officeYou can set the timer for shorter times at first and then longer as they become more practiced at patience.  Another idea is to let them watch their favorite show ONLY IF they agree to let Mommy work and then you will play.

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