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Secrets of Success Workshop

Build Your Business Stronger and Faster Than Ever! 

Proven Strategies and Tips for making this year  your best year EVER!

In this fun and interactive seminar, you’ll discover:

The one little thing you can do to DOUBLE your downline or customers!

~The answer will surprise you! You’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself!

How to achieve President’s Club without ever knocking on a single door!
~ Hard to believe, but true!

How to find business partners who WANT to help you grow your business!

~ And even give you freebies to promote with!

The 5 Magic Words for Rejection-Free Prospecting!
~ Lose the fear and find new customers and recruits for you AND your downline.

Learn the Proven Ways that EUL’s and SEUL’s use to solve your problems, and grow your
business Bigger, Stronger, and More profitable Than Ever!

The secret reason why you NEVER want to eat alone!
~ Make money, even when you go out to lunch!

Your “WHY”
~Why you’re in business and why you do what it takes to be a success!

You’ll learn the real reasons that have been holding you back from exploding your business and discover field-tested, slight edge techniques to overcome your own personal challenges and take your business to new heights.

How much would it be worth to you if you added an extra $10-$25 to almost every customer’s order?
And then got an extra 100 orders every month!

You’ll Learn: What is the one most important thing to do every day in your business to Guarantee Success?

Multi-Million Dollar Producer, Senior Executive Unit Leader and Awarded Woman of Enterprise, Sue Mazza
has helped thousands of Independent Representatives move into action and achieve their goals.
You can learn more new ideas at Sue’s website

Don’t miss out – You owe it to yourself to be at this seminar.

If you want to boost your success even more, be sure to have as many people in your downline attend as you possibly can so they can learn from Sue as well!

Now Booking Seminars Across the US and Canada!
Ticket Price – $20 in advance, $25 at the door!
(Tickets help pay for the cost of the room and advance sales let us know how many are coming.)



Here’s What Others Are Saying About Sue’s Training!

Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!!!! Thank you Sue, EVERYONE in and not in my downline needs to follow these steps starting with ME!!!! On my way to success!!!! Thank you Sue!!!! – Luz, TX

Hello Sue, I enjoyed your presentation at convention. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was. I look forward to hearing you again in the future.” – Anne, MA

“Glad you are doing another training series. Got a lot of great feedback from those who took your last class. You are “spot on” with the classes on showing them exactly how to get results by the time they hang up the phone :) – Tom “Big AL” Schreiter, International Marketing Trainer,

“I missed last week, but hung on every word of the recording… definitely will make it for the “live” call this week.” – Luci, CA

You nailed 3 big ways that I am holding myself back. I’m going to like the new me.” – Donna, IL

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the wonderful leadership training. It was an honor learning from you. I look forward to meeting you in Vegas and in the near future celebrating my success with you when I reach SEUL. Thank you from the bottom of my heart” – Isabel, TX

“Within that post are numerous lessons that will help any of get past whatever fears might be holding us back and reach the level we know we are capable of. Great advice, Sue. No wonder you’ve built such a huge organization and helped so many others to do the same.” – Bob Burg, Best Selling Author,

“Just finished listening to Sue Mazza’s CD, “Secrets to Success”, and I am very glad I puchased it. Sue gives some great tips on building a direct selling business with simple tried and true techniques that are well thought out, innovative, and easy to replicate. I highly recommend anyone who is seriously interested in building a strong business.” – Kim, KY

“Thanks Sue…very informative.” – Anthony, FL

“Sue was excellent. It was fifteen dollars well spent. So glad I went. I always kind of wonder why more people don’t come to these events. They really miss out… ” – Brenda, CA

“I have been impressed by how you are using FB to communicate your training and business. You are good!!” – Jim Doyle,

“I see several (SEUL) (Leaders )on facebook. But only you working this business they way you do. You always have alot of help for other reps. I greatly appreciate all your words of wisdom.” – Christina, GA

“Thank you Sue, you are a role model for others to follow in our industry. Have a super Sunday evening sister.” – Shannon, KY

“Hi Sue, Your last cd that we got in Buffalo was a hit with my ULs , I cant wait til your next one comes out:)” – Patti, NY

“That was awesome, Sue! Can’t wait to teach all the new info to my downline.” – Char, IN

See you at the Seminar!

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