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How to Talk to People So They’ll Really Listen!

Let’s face it, Life is a people business. And Women are the Ultimate Networkers.

Direct Sales and Network Marketing are  people businesses. Our success is depends on building strong relationships and partnerships with customers, team members and other leaders, both in and outside of our chosen company. Women inherently understand the importance of relationship building  and how it transcends  business.   Networking is a way of life.

Women share information all the time.  We listen, share, train, nurture and direct. We as women are  great listeners and have a natural ability to relate to other people’s problems and situations.   Women multi-task through busy careers, home business, complex family relationships and ever-widening circles of friends.     At work, at home and at play, there are always opportunities to  share ideas, talk and build new relationships.

This is not to say that men cannot be great networkers as well.  I know some amazing men who are empathetic networkers with excellent training skills.   And, of course, being born female does not ensure that one will automatically rise to the top of the payplan as a great leader.

Men and Women are just wired differently.  In fact, if you’ve got 2 minutes and 40 seconds, this funny video will give you a good of what I mean.


Most of us are taught very little about how to have the greatest impact with the people we communicate with on a regular basis. The best way to influence and relate to others is to understand them.

And the best way to understand people is to learn to speak their “language.”

In this fast paced Seminar, you’ll learn how to:

Gain instant rapport with everyone you meet
Motivate others into action and help keep them focused
Enhance the teamwork and excitement within your team
Decrease conflicts and what is sometimes called “personality clashes”
Gain new skills that will help you effectively lead tens of thousands
Win friends and increase cooperation with even the most difficult people
Dramatically improve your personal, professional and social relationships

Simply put, you’ll learn how to reach into the minds of others, speak to them in the language that they personally can understand and get them on your team, as a customer, team member, ally or friend!

If you live anywhere near where this training is shared, you’ll want to attend. If you have team members in this area, be sure to let them know. They will love to learn this skill to make their businesses simple, easy, and more profitable.