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Leaders Coaching Call Series

Hello Leaders!

The current Leaders Coaching Call and Training Series runs for 10 consecutive weeks.

Our series begins September 22, 2015 and runs for 10 consecutive weeks ending November 24, 2015

Whether your group is great or growing, you are already increasing youur leadership skills by stepping up to  the challenge of developing the right attitudes, empowering beliefs and professional skills you need to explode  your business to the next level and beyond!

Growing a profitable business can be a challenge in this economy.  Some people are content to settle, hoping things will get better, while over time, their sales and downline dwindle away.

But some people, like you, have found a way to go the extra mile, seeking out the extra training, the “Slight Edge” that will help them learn, train and motivate themselves and their downline to succeed where so many others fail.

In this Fast-Paced 10 Week Coaching Call Series, together we will explore many Tested and Proven Techniques, Philosophies and Ideas, which when combined with action, will move your business light-years ahead and help you earn more with your Business than ever before.


Through our calls, we’ll explore many topics, including:

1.  Secrets of Success – How to use the Slight Edge Philosophy to Jump-Start your business, beginning TODAY.

2.  It’s Time to Soar!  – Cutting loose from self-limiting beliefs, habits and activities so that you can Rise to new heights.

3.  Prospecting 101 – Developing Customers – Why increasing Sales is the key to big Bonuses for you and  your team!

4.  Clarity, Focus and Execution – Cutting through all the nonsense to Excellence and Effectiveness to take your business
to the next level.

5.  Exposures, Exposures, Exposures – Learn the formula for Success – Advanced yet Easy Prospecting Techniques.

6.  Growing Leaders – Leadership Strategies to Duplicate Success and Explode Your Business.

7.  Social Networking – It’s all about relationships! Find out how to use Facebook to grow your business.

8.  It’s Nothing Personal! – Put on your Anti-Discouragement Amour and FINALLY stop the Self-Sabotage.

9.  The Fortune is in the Follow-up – How Building Consistency will make your Rich.

10.  Training your Team for Success – Effective Team Meetings and Trainings.

Actively participating on the calls each and every week will give you the solid foundation you need to support your team and grow your business.


If you’ve had a challenging week, then you need this call,if you’ve had a good week, then this call needs you!

Most calls will have “homework”,allowing you to put our “class learning” into action that will help you succeed.

Full Schedule, Call in Details and other information will be sent upon registration.

You’ll receive 10 weeks of Coaching with Sue Mazza, Leading one of the most powerful Multi-Million Dollar Teams across the country.

Cost – $97 (Less than $10 per week)

SPECIAL BONUS!   4 FREE Personal Coaching Sessions!  Use for yourself, or as a group call with your team – your choice!  Schedule once a week, once a month or once a quarter, it’s up to you!

Need to miss one week?  No problem.  There is a replay of the call available 24/7, immediately after the call is finished.
You’ll also receive weekly Updates and Resources as available.

And, as an extra bonus, once you’ve completed the series, you can return anytime as an alumni to retake this course for Free!


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Invite your downline to register also as you learn the beliefs, attitudes and skills together that are needed to break through all barriers to your success!

Grow your sales, your downline and take your title or rank to the next level as we learn together!

Here’s to Your Success!


Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money will be cheerfully refunded.


*  Leaders Group Coaching and Training Calls are taught by Sue Mazza, ISR and Multi-million dollar producer and are not part of any Direct Sales or MLM’s Corporate Training
* Please note: THE COACHING RELATIONSHIP IS IN NO WAY TO BE CONSIDERED OR CONSTRUED AS PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING OR ANY TYPE OF THERAPY. Certain information of a confidential manner may be relayed during scheduled or impromptu sessions. The Coach will not, at any time either directly or indirectly use this information for his/her benefit nor disclose said information to anyone else without specific approval of the client (excludes disclosure of illegal or unethical activities). Moreover, the client recognizes that the Coach’s notes and recollection of session information is not privileged in a court of law.