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Avon – Anytime, Anywhere, Ask!

Avon – Anytime, Anywhere, Ask!

How do you grow your Avon Business?

Our business is simple really.   There are just three things we need to do to build a great sales and leadership team.  1. We need to find some customers.   2. We need to find some team members. 3. We need to teach our team how to do Numbers One and Two! If it’s so easy, why aren’t more people growing their business? Probably because they are not doing one of the three things above. Let me share a quick example. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather down in Florida for the past couple of months.  I came down in November to clean out our rental house

after the tenants moved out.  I did NO Avon business in the area except I went to one meetup group meeting nearby.   I was busy cleaning house and doing some repairs.  (Bad Tenants, Bad!) Well, from that one stay, I grew one new customer who has ordered a few times now. Oh – I forgot to tell you – when we bought the house, the previous owner had CHICKENS!2013-03-08 14.54.26 Not something you’d expect but two years later she still misses the fresh eggs every day.  And they WERE beautiful chickens.  They went to live with a friend.  But back to my Example about Prospecting. I went back up North for Christmas and then came back down after the Holiday.  I’ve been down here since.   I started riding a bike, doing some exercise and getting healthier.  All good things. I went to another couple of meetups and started passing out some brochures in the area.  Easy to do, easy not to do.  And that’s one of the keys.  The same things that make us successful, which are easy to do, are also easy not to do!  Consistency is key. Now that I’ve been down here, I’ve been building relationships.  With Maria and George who opened a great restaurant.  Maria used to sell Avon a few years ago and said I could leave brochures there anytime!  I got to know Elaine who works at one of the shops on the sponge docks.  I met Patti, who became my first new team member in Tarpon Springs.  I met her at Ace Hardware, when I first came down in November.  We talked about houses and renting my house and she called me a couple of weeks later with a tenant referral.  We started chatting on Facebook and one night she said she’s like wants to make some additional income and “Would I tell her more about Avon”?   WOULD I?  YOU BET!    At the Sponge Docks  there are lots of boat tours.

Sponge Boat

Sponge Boat

You can go shelling, see dolphins and have lots of fun.  There are also a dozen or so gals who talk with tourists about getting a ticket for the boat ride.  Now these gals can hustle!  In my daily bike rides,  I’ve gotten to know a few of them.  A couple of days ago, I was chatting with Bonnie and she asked me how I’m able to ride my bike every day around town.  Well, SHE ASKED SO I HAPPILY TOLD HER!  I shared that I had my own very successful business with Avon and it allowed me to travel and and have some “Time Freedom”!   She said that she used to sell years ago and that hmmm, maybe she’s like to do it again – she’s in a great neighborhood and hmmmm,.. we agreed to chat again this week when I ride by! The Moral Of The Story – Start Chatting, Be Friendly, Build Relationships.  It’s so much more fun than trying to “PUSH” people into your business.   More later! Have you joined our fun new Facebook group – Endless Prospects Yet? If not, join us at
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I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures I took here and one of my favorite summer songs! Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA – The Ultimate Summer Song!

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