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13 LuckyTips to Grow Your Customers and Your Sales in Time for St. Patty’s Day!

Enjoy The Luck Of The Prospector – Find Your Pot Of Gold at Rainbow’s End!

13 LuckyTips to Grow Your Customers and Your Sales in Time for St. Patty’s Day!

1.) Re-Canvass your neighborhood(s) now.   The weather’s getting warmer, new people may have moved in over the winter and it’s time to get your brochures into the hands of potential new customers again.  Commit to Canvass your neighborhood for at least 5 campaigns using the 5-5-25 method! 

2.) Don’t throw away your old brochures.  Leave them at homes and businesses where you’ve never gotten a sale.  If you receive orders, backorder.

3.) Each Week, stop into at least one new business that is close to someplace you currently go to already with a beautiful basket of a new demo item, free samples and brochures and introduce yourself as their new Avon Representative.  Get contact information for follow up.  It could be near the children’s school, on the way home from work, or next door to your favorite restaurant, etc.

4.) Offer you Customers a Free Gift if they refer a new customer to you.  

5.) Staple a Discount Coupon to the front of your brochure for new customers and those who haven’t ordered in awhile.

6.) Take a tip from your local supermarket and match competitors coupons, up to 50¢ on Daily Needs Items

7.) Set a Customer Goal Each and Every Campaign and don’t stop until you achieve it.

8.) Let Customers try a Daily Needs Item on a “Free Home Trial” basis.  Be sure to share the benefits and usage instructions for the product.  If they like it, they can purchase it, if they don’t you can return the product for credit.

9.) Use The Tools!  Send customers a new product video, enroll them in your web office so they get email offers, offer the online skincare analysis or link to the Virtual Makeover.   Then Follow Up.   Use tools to learn new skills too!   Are you learning the Success Tips of Top Leaders?   Pick up some great training  at great prices today!

10.) Carry a Cash and Carry basket when making your deliveries.  These can be unused products from customer returns or products you purchase as demos or on sale.  Offer them as add-on sales to your customers when you see them.

11.) Holiday Gift Bonus – Pick a Holiday – St. Patrick’s Day in this case and give your customers a card thanking them for their business this year and adding this statement:  Please accept my gift to you of ___% off your Campaign ___ order.   You choose the % and following campaign number.  For St. Patty’s Day, you may want to say something like:  Today, the LUCK OF THE IRISH is yours!  Thank you for your business this year.  Please accept my gift to you of ___% off your Campaign ___ order.  Then, give them a call the following week to ask which products they’d like to use their Lucky Discount on.

You can customize this for any holiday.

12.) Start a “VIP Customer Club.  Customer who place 10 orders (minimum $____) will get a free gift or a discount on their next order  (or $___off)

13.) For a month, conduct a one question Skin Care Survey with everyone you meet, both current and prospective customers.  Prepare the campaign before by ordering samples of as many general and problem-specific skin care samples as possible.   Pick up a coupon organizer and some snack size baggies.  Label the baggies using a permanent marker with the name of the sample and the problem it solves.

File the samples alphabetically or by problem solved in your organizer.  Now ask everyone one question.  “If you could change one thing about your skin, what would it be?”   You can preface this if you wish by stating that you are conducting a skin care survey.   Then offer samples for their concern in exchange for their name, email and phone number.  Restate the skin care solution the sample will provide, give them usage instructions and let them know you’ll follow up.  When you get home, send them a thank you text or email as below.   Then follow up again in 3-5 days to see how they liked the product and offer a small discount on their first order.

Sample Text/Email for same day followup after giving sample pack. 

Hi ____, it was great to meet you at ____!    Enjoy your sample _________.  I know it will help you with ________.   I’ll give you a call on ________ to see how it’s working for you and answer any questions you may have.  You can contact me anytime as well.

Have a great day, 


Do this consistently for one month, with a goal of giving out 3 sample packs a day and watch your skin care sales soar!

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