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10 Magic Words That Move People To Buy From You!

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Ten Magic Words that make people want to buy from you!
3 quick tips to help you get your point across when writing.

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Are You Boring your prospects to death?   A quick preview!


According to a well known (and controversial) study*, in Face-to-Face communication, the actual words we use make up just 7% of our communication.  Tone of voice, which is HOW we say the words makes up around 38% of our message and Body Language accounts for 55% of our over all message.

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This study demonstrates that there is certainly more to communication than just the words we use.
In today’s world, much more of our communication is non-verbal, as we “talk” across social media, texts, instagram and other non-verbal communication platforms.

In our communication, online and offline, it’s crucial to reach out to a person’s emotions and find their “WHY”, their motivation and their pain point.   A person’s pain point is the real motivator for wanting to take an action, make a purchase or change something in their life.

For example,   If someone says to you, “I want to buy your skin cream so I can look younger”, you may want to ask some questions about WHY they want to look younger.  You may find out, for instance, that they are going to their 10th year High School reunion and their former cheerleader “frenemy” will be there and they want to look as close to the way they did 10 years ago as they can!

Instead of saying, “97% of women reported that they had less wrinkles after using our product for 6 weeks”, you could say,  “When you use this skin cream, you’ll go to bed at night and wake up looking younger in the morning and your best friends will be begging you for your secret!”

Appeal to their needs and wants.   Yes, share the facts but always speak to what it is they want to achieve.

Here are the 10 most emotionally effective,  powerful words to use to motivate a prospect to purchase from you, according to a Hubspot post**.

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3 quick tips to help you talk with people so they “GET IT”!

  1. In our social media and other non-verbal communication, focus on the tone of your article, email or post. Keep it conversational, as if you were speaking with a friend  and are with them face-to-face.
  2. Ask a friend to review some of your articles or posts.  Do they come across as interesting, fun and provide value?  Or, are they a bit dry, fact-based and boring.
  3.  Be sure to always add value to a area of someone’s life with every communication you make.

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Are You Boring Your Prospects to Death?

Bored Girl Sitting Hair Laying Models Woman

Bored Girl Sitting Hair Laying Models Woman

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