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“It seems like I begin almost every communication Sue and I have with “THANK YOU!” Sue’s advice, insights, and dedication to helping people who really want to grow their business is dynamic. I have picked up a lot of great information from her CD and the Coaching Calls. They have helped me look at what I am doing in my business in new ways. She say things that help me know that I am on the right track, and also when to make the changes to improve what I am doing to grow my business. I also have those…… “dang … she nailed me … moments” that make me be honest with myself. So, THANK YOU!” - KIM, NC

“Since being on these coaching calls I have gotten a TON of useful information that has significantly grown my business. I started the calls with about 3 people in my downline. I now have 21 in my first generation, and 1 in my second.” - Erika Rogers Nashville, TN

“Within Sue’s posts are numerous lessons that will help any get past whatever fears might be holding us back and reach the level we know we are capable of. Great advice, Sue. No wonder you’ve built such a huge organization and helped so many others to do the same.” - Bob Burg

“Glad you are doing another training series. Got a lot of great feedback from those who took your last class. You are “spot on” with the classes on showing them exactly how to get results by the time they hang up the phone – Tom “Big AL” Schreiter, International Marketing Trainer,

Thank you Sue, you are a role model for others to follow in our industry. – Shannon Denniston, Professional Network Marketer


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